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Artwork Spec

Please find detailed below a list of all acceptable and unacceptable media formats. Please beware that if you are supplying print ready art or art that you require us to re-create, that if they are not supplied in the acceptable formats as listed then this could delay your delivery and also incur additional charges if extra work is required by the art department.

Media Formats Requirements Saved Formats
High Resolution Scans Scans must be +300 dpi. pdf, jpg & tiff
High Resolution pdf’s Created in Acrobat Distiller only. pdf
Adobe Illustrator If text is included please either outline the text or supply all fonts. ai & eps
Adobe Indesign Always supply all images and fonts. indd
QuarkXPress qxd
Adobe Photoshop Created at +300 dpi. psd, eps, jpg & tiff
Microsoft Word We can only accept text in this format. doc

Supplying Printed Stationery

If you do not have any electronic art for the logo that you require to be blocked on the front of your product then we can also accept high quality printed stationery (example below) for us to scan in as long as the logo or image is of a basic nature. If it is complex art with lots of colour and tints then this is not an option. If you are unsure on whether we can use this then please call the artroom on 0191 284 1437 and we will be more than happy to advise you in advance.

Art for Typesetting

Any text supplied to us to produce the design of either your cover art or insert pages needs to be supplied in an editable format so we can copy and paste this into our page specification, if we have to typeset this then there will be extra costs involved at a cost per hour, this can also hold up your order.


Please look at the samples of artwork (below) which will help you check that the artwork you are supplying is correct and will block successfully. Artwork supplied incorrectly will either be returned or be subject to art charges at our complete discretion.

The IDEAL form of artwork IS an editable illustrator eps file.
These files must have originated from Adobe Illustrator. They should not have been imported into Illustrator and resaved as an eps file. As you can see from the image on the right the anchor points can be edited.

Ideally we need black and white images as we need to change the art to 100% black to create a blocking die . Colour images can produce unexpected results when converted to 100% black.

Ideally we need black and white images as tints do not work when converted to 100% black so ideally if you need to supply a colour file ensure it is a solid colour.

We can only accept High resolution images that are 300dpi or higher (created at not increased to).
DPI - Dots per inch. DPI is used to measure the resolution of a printer or scanner, the higher the dots per inch the better resolution and the better the image.

We can accept images which have a large amount of detail but as they will not block properly we will have to advise of what we think won't block clearly.

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